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Here are some of the clients with whom we’ve successfully collaborated over the years.

Brico Depot

What our clients say

We love our customers and they love us back.

Daniel Gheorghe, RTC - Marketing Specialist

We collaborate with Interactively since 2016, when we the launched of the interactive RTC catalogue, a natural choice in full harmony with our digital strategy and our desire for customer orientation. We have discovered in Interactively a proactive, empathetic, enthusiastic and punctual partner that has provided impeccable collaboration. The interactive catalogue is successful, being an intuitive and useful tool that improves the experience of our clients. We were surprised by the dedication of the Interactively team, each requirement being treated promptly, with attention to detail and professionalism. Being always looking for special features and solutions that improve our collaboration with our partners, we will maintain a close relationship with the Interactively team for our future projects.

Ligia Roşu, Austral - Marketing Manager

We started working with Interactively in 2017, but the collaboration was perfectly emphatic even from the beginning. Always attentive to details, intuitive, proactive and last but not least polite and friendly, they have managed to win not only our respect for a team of professionals, but also our sympathy for a group of people that make enjoyable any business interaction.

Oana Toader, KUMA Romania - Sales Manager

We thank Interactively for the fast and professional delivery of our product. [...] We think this concept of presenting products (ref.: interactive catalogue) is an effective approach in an online environment where the direct interaction between the clients and the companies/brands grows more and more.

Lyubov Ryzhkova, YVES ROCHER RUSSIA - Digital & E-commerce Director

Every time we turn to Interactively we receive impressive results. The team was extremely knowledgeable, prompt and helpful in all stages of our collaboration, despite all the circumstances such as tight deadlines and language barriers. They took care of our questions and concerns with excellent expertise, making the whole process much quicker and easier. The project was delivered and launched in time and we could not be happier with the result. Thanks for a great service.

Andreea Bălănescu, BRICO DEPOT ROMANIA - Marketing Director

Three years ago, we were looking for an agency to help us build an online catalog, different from what was on the market. At Interactively we found the tools, but especially the people we needed. We have always received great support and solutions, with a clear focus on the client and on the long-term relationship. I felt I was working with a team of professionals for whom the idea of customer service is meaningful.

Flavia Moron, BRICO DEPOT SPAIN - Digital Marketing Manager

We have been working with Interactively for almost 2 years now on our digital catalogues. We are delighted with this collaboration – our digital catalogues have become an important tool for our clients as well as for our store colleagues. The Interactively team is always ready to help, their reactiveness allows us to keep improving our catalogues and providing our clients with valuable and accurate information. Thank you Interactively!


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